About the Museum

Video provided by:  Yaisa Tangwell

Narrated by: Rudylynn De Four Roberts

The National Museum and Art Gallery was established originally as the Royal Victoria Institute (RVI) in 1892 in commemoration of the Jubilee of Queen Victoria and as part of a general British Colonial policy to build cultural institutes throughout the Commonwealth. This is a general museum that has a permanent collection of over 10,000 items. Many of these are displayed in seven major galleries- Art, Social History, Natural History, Economic History, Petroleum and Geology. Apart from the art gallery, the Museum also houses a small gallery by famous nineteenth century artist Michel Jean Cazabon, and a small gallery on our carnival arts. The National Museum and Art Gallery of Trinidad and Tobago has a unique mission – to foster public awareness, understanding and enjoyment of Trinidad and Tobago’s Human and Natural Heritage through the collection, preservation, research, presentation and interpretation of significant and representative collections of that heritage. It is governed by National Museum and Art Gallery Act, 2000.