The Commerce Gallery

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Early commercial interests in Trinidad and Tobago began with the colonization of the two islands. The economy of the early 16th-19th centuries were based on agricultural interests, namely coconuts, sugar, cocoa, to a lesser extent whaling and tobacco and the downstream industries that sprung up in response to these mainline crops. Whaling was an industry with a short shelf life in Trinidad. It began in 1775 in Chaguaramas and the Museum draws in the visitor with cleverly placed whale bone fragments and detailed information. The life of coconut, sugar, cocoa and tobacco in the island is brought to life with photographs and artefacts that depict the cultivation and processing of these crops. Items such as cocoa knives, earthenware jugs and storage jars, and mill engines used to process sugar cane. The support industries of the early 16th -  19th centuries also have a space in the Museum displays in the form of photographs and artefacts like the famous Hamilton bottle.
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