The Museum

The society that governed the early 16th – 19th century of Trinidad and Tobago was closely linked to the economy, in that wealth was distributed in the same way as labour. Those that owned the factors of production were wealthy while those who labored were not. The representation of the affluent society at the National Museum and Art Gallery is a delight for visitors of all ages and interests. One can see artefacts ranging from commodes to pewter decanters to a gold plated cash register. The artefacts are fully supported by the information provided in the text and photographs in the display. The glimpses of early Trinidadian and Tobagonian society does not stop with the 18th century however, but continues to the 1940s with depictions of a typical kitchen and living room. In these period spaces one can view a Re-diffusion radio system, morris chairs, a pitch oil stove along with a grammarphone and a hand operated clothes dryer. Objects sure to bring out the historian in all visitors.