Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation Programme - ITEC

Training Courses offered under the Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation Programme (ITEC)

How to Apply for an ITEC Course 


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Guidelines for Applicants

Please Note:

Applicants must be between 25 and 45 years of age.

Nominations should be submitted to the Ministry of Public Administration, Public Service Academy, not less than three (3) months before the deadline dates stipulated in the respective brochures along with the following :

(i) Completed application form/s;

(ii) A copy of the pertinent information or brochure on the relevant course/programme

(iii) Justification for the nomination/s;

(iv) Curriculum Vitae;

(v) Budgetary allocation to which expenditure will be charged, together with a Statement of Expenditure;

(vi) Your Minister’s approval;

(vii) A recent passport size photograph

(viii) A medical report from an attending physician

Please note that PART II of the Application Form is to be completed only by the Ministry of Public Administration.

Nomination should be sent to:

Permanent Secretary Ministry of Public Administration (Public Service Academy)

Attention: Ms. Lisa O'Brady

Level 5

National Library Building

Corner Hart and Abercromby Streets

Port of Spain.

Any queries concerning technical cooperation training matters can be directed to Ms. Lisa O'Brady or Kim Maynard, who can be contacted at 625-6724 extensions 2052/2042 respectively.

Members of the public who wish to attend training courses offered under the Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation Programme may apply directly to the High Commission of India, Port of Spain.