Property and Real Estate Services

The Property and Real Estate Services Division (PRESD) is responsible for all government real estate, most specifically sale, acquisition and rental.

1. Sale of Government property to Public Officers and the Public

The Property and Real Estate Services Division (PRESD) is guided by the following Cabinet decisions when undertaking the sale of Government quarters:

Public officers who are eligible for Government quarters and who are in occupation of quarters with proper authority may be given first option to purchase the quarters, if Cabinet decides that it wishes to offer such property for sale.
Vacant, dilapidated quarters, including those vandalised and subject to unauthorised tenancies may be sold to the public, by public auction.
Among quarters that are NOT to be sold are President's House, St. Ann's and the official residences of the Prime Minister and Commissioner of Police.

Requirements for sale of quarters:

  • Site visit to determine suitability for sale
  • Application to purchase from occupant
  • Proof of legal occupation
  • Survey plan
  • Valuation report
  • Status Report (where necessary)
  • Cabinet Minute approving the sale
  • Letter of offer
  • Letter of acceptance
  • 10% deposit on the purchase
  • Agreement for Sale
  • Completion of sale within 90 days of the date of the Agreement for sale.

2. Acquisition of Private Property by the State

The Ministry that requires the land/building for a public purpose (School, Road, Police Station, Fire Station etc.) will initiate the Acquisition by Private Treaty process.

  • That Ministry must first obtain the approval of Cabinet in principle, outlining the purpose for which the acquisition is sought, identifying the owner and the source of funding for the project. The Cabinet Minute approving the acquisition, in principle, is the authority for the Property and Real Estate Services Division to proceed with Private treaty negotiations. The following documents are required:
    • A copy of the Cabinet Minute approving the acquisition in principle; valuation report;
    • Survey plans;
    • Deeds/certificate of title;
    • Title search report;
    • WASA clearance certificate;
    • Receipt for land and building taxes; and any additional information, as required.
  • On reaching an agreement with the Vendor, a Note is prepared and submitted to Cabinet by the Property and Real Estate Services Division requesting approval for the payment of the agreed sum. The client Ministry is required to confirm in writing the availability of Funds and the Vote from which it will be sourced.
  • On receipt of the approval of Cabinet for payment of the agreed sum, the Chief State Solicitor is requested to take steps to transfer title of the property to the State. The client Ministry is requested to issue a cheque in the name of the Vendor when all legal documents are prepared.
  • The cheque is then forwarded to the Property and Real Estate Services Division for submission to the Chief State Solicitor.
  • The Chief State Solicitor on signing the Deed or Memorandum of Transfer to the State delivers the cheque to the Vendor.

3. Lease or Rental of Private Property for Government Use

The following criteria are to be met:

  • Location and space appropriate for the intended use
  • Deed or other proof of property ownership, including authority to act on behalf of the owner, where required
  • Town and Country Planning Division approval for office use
  • Certificate of Completion from the Municipal Corporation
  • Agreement on an economic rental rate based on a property valuation from the Commissioner of Valuations or independent professional approved by the Commissioner of Valuations and commissioned by the Owner

For further information please contact PRESD at :

CIC Building
Level One
122-124 Frederick Street 
Port of Spain
Tel: (868) 623-4724.