Diamond Certification


The Trinidad and Tobago Diamond Standard


The Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago is building a portfolio of quality improvement projects to enhance Public Service performance. Three indices related to public service performance are targeted for higher global rankings over the next two years:

  • ease of conducting business
  • international competitiveness
  • innovation

After extensive research the Government of Trinidad and Tobago, through the Ministry of Public Administration, has adopted a Citizen Service Certification programme.

In keeping with the theme of the MPA’s Public Service Renewal and Modernization programme, “Gold to Diamond”, this programme is branded as the Trinidad and Tobago Diamond Standard.

The Trinidad & Tobago Diamond Standard comes from the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago. It stems from their identified needs and expectations.

The Trinidad and Tobago Diamond Standard launched on 24th June, 2013 to a pilot group of ten (10) ministries, statutory authorities and regional corporations. More than twenty (20) services are now involved in the pilot.

The certification programme consists of three phases, each lasting three months. The first phase focuses on customer service charter development and service improvement planning. The second phase concentrates on implementing service improvements. In the final phase formal assessment is conducted and certification will be valid for three years.

This programme focuses on improving the quality of services delivered to customers. It assists organisations in defining standards for performance. It publicly validates your organisation’s many achievements.

Services Offered to Ministries, Departments and Agencies by the Diamond Division

Consultation on:

  • Registration for TTDS
  • Applying for Certification Setting Standards
  • Staff sensitization
  • Establishment of cross-functional Service Delivery Improvement Teams

Technical advice on:

  • Public services user consultations and surveys
  • Process and Service Delivery improvement
  • Service Charter development, review and finalization
  • Service Improvement Plan development
  • Change Management Plans
  • Project planning and timetabling for implementation of Service Charters
  • Managing the Assessment process
  • Monitoring and Evaluation


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