On the Passing of Angela Martin


Words never adequately express the depth of feeling one experiences with the passing of someone whose life has transformed your own. Images and analogies often sound inadequate when the journey of life ends for one as passionate, as vivacious, as transformative, and as dedicated to her craft as Angela Martin.

On my own behalf and for the thousands of lives Angela would have touched through her writing, I extend my sincerest condolences to her brother Kevin and the rest her family, those related by blood, and those who became family through her pen.

Angela’s presence in the Express newsroom was always edifying and made what was different the new normal. Justifiably proud of who she had become, but never unmindful of her journey to get there, Angela was mentor, guide and mother to all who came under her charge. I have no doubt that local journalism is poorer for her passing, but I am comforted that she would have given to the industry all she could have, while she was with us.

To her colleagues at the Express in particular and to journalists generally, I extend the challenge to emulate Angela’s sterling qualities. Let us continue to speak truth with compassion, to report facts with care, and to utilize our positions of influence to enhance the quality of lives of our citizenry.

Hon. Maxie Cuffie, M.P.

Minister of Public Administration and Communications